Post- Holiday Hangover

We just made it through quite possibly the most stressful Thanksgiving ever! No matter how you celebrated, or didn’t celebrate – can we all agree this year was different? Whether you were able to gather with friends or family or stayed isolated, the circumstances of the pandemic lent a new layer of considerations to theContinue reading “Post- Holiday Hangover”

Telling Your Story

We as a society in general struggle with the topic of grief.  People are fearful. Those who are grieving are afraid they will drive others away with their own grief, and those who want to be supportive are afraid they will say the wrong thing to those who are grieving. But telling your story is important.Continue reading “Telling Your Story”

Journaling and Journal Prompts

I bought my first journal in the fifth grade. It sported a red cloth cover with white hearts on it. The inside held the deep ponderings of a pre-teen, oh and a lot about boys too ;). Journaling was my safe space to process my day, my struggles, and my emotions. Close to forty yearsContinue reading “Journaling and Journal Prompts”

Holding Space During the Holidays

The holidays are a tough season for many who’ve lost a loved one. And not just the first year, or the second. I still have my moments close to twenty years later. What’s different for me is that I’m a seasoned pro. I know by now what works for me and what doesn’t. Many ofContinue reading “Holding Space During the Holidays”

Permission Slip for “Lazy”

Talking to my adult stepchildren I made a jarring discovery.  As children they thought I was lazy, languishing on the couch reading all day. It never dawned on their pre-teen brains the house was nearly always clean, they had well balanced and varied dinners, and clean clothes stacked for them to place in their dressersContinue reading “Permission Slip for “Lazy””