Future Dreaming vs. Daydreaming

Here you sit in the present moment in touch with your reality, and it’s not exactly what you really want or what feels good…. So what now? Start dreaming of your future! That can be an extremely scary thing to do when you’ve already lost so much.  There are no guarantees the future won’t alsoContinue reading “Future Dreaming vs. Daydreaming”

How You Feeling?

In a recent blog post I shared the story of a seemingly normal afternoon that ended up catapulting me into a different life trajectory. What made that normal afternoon different than any other? Was it some external event that necessitated change? Nope, it was me being fully present in the moment. The seismic shift started withContinue reading “How You Feeling?”

If I Had to Choose

If I had to choose the single most important thing I’ve done over the last fifteen years to move from being a hot mess with a life in pieces to where I am today, it is being present in the moment. It sounds deceptively simple and perhaps even trite. But here’s the thing, when IContinue reading “If I Had to Choose”